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Architectural Photography: Marcel Gautherot
Colina Design is a furniture collection made, inspired by, and dedicated to the city and people of Brasilia, the Brazilian Capital. Bravely built from scratch, Brasilia will teach you to see the greatness hidden in simplicity, fulfillment in the emptiness and coziness between large distances.
Besides being useful for high counters, the stool can also interact with others, allowing the user to create new compositions.
Usually used to support a TV, the Media Console takes an important role in the living room. The patterns in the doors interact with each other and create a distinctive modernist environment to the room. The media devices can be kept inside of the internal compartment and the cables won’t be visible.
The buffet can be useful to store small objects in the living room, dining room or bedroom and it can be an essential decoration piece to your home. For those who need more space, there are different sizes options with more compartment space.
Simple and compact, the bedside table is convenient furniture to keep objects close at bedtime. For those who like to read before sleep, it can be a good option to provide support to a small lamp.
At the same time that the coffee table can be used as a convenient support in the living room, it also has compartments that allow storing small objects.
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